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We have nine team members.


James Monroe

James Monroe has been helping people create exemplary designs for the last ten years. He has a degree in graphic design and computer science.

Catherine Henley

Catherine joined our team five years ago, and she has been helping us discover the latest trends.

Lisa Park

Lisa Park is a web designer whose work has gained prominence in illustration and design circles.

John Lee

John Lee is an artist who is well-versed with 3D and 2D designs.
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Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith is a graphic design student who brings a new set of skills to our team.

Nancy Edwards

Nancy Edwards started working with Android designs in 2010. She has gained enough skills to create the best UX/UI platform.
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Betty Robert

Betty Roberts knows how to design pictures for Instagram and Facebook.
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Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O’Connor is a video editor who also doubles up as an illustrator.
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Benson Hockley

Benson Hockley is a social media expert who supports the latest design trends and shares them with our team.
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James Monroe

Graphic Designer

Catherine Henley

Web Designer

Lisa Park

UX Designer